A simple add-on to create a tab link for a blogger article in a SEO-friendly way

A simple add-on to create a tab link for a blogger article in a SEO-friendly way


Using SEO keywords in your URL can help you rank for your target keywords. And Google uses the URL as a factor in your page ranking, so if the article URL includes your keywords, Google will likely rank them.

When you use the Blogger blogging platform, you will notice that there is a tab on the side that includes the ability to customize the link. in the link address.

When you customize the link, you will have to write in ethnic characters, without using spaces and symbols in the entry, so the healthy way to write the link should be like this:

Meaning between each word there is a sign -

Here is the easiest way to edit the link dedicated to the article, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

First, you will use Google Translate to translate the article title into English or French

Second: I created this tool, which I always use to convert spaces and points to -, and in order to use it in your browser, follow these steps:

1- The preferences bar should appear in your browser, in Chrome you can show it by pressing CTRL ALT B at the same time so that the bar appears like this.


Drag this button to the distance indicated in the image above


3- Copy the translated text in the first item and press the button in the Text2Slug preferences. A notification will open, put the copied text in it, press OK, to get the text without spaces.

Notes :

According to SEO experts, the allowed number of characters should not exceed 200

It is also recommended to put the same title in the name of the image of the article

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