All the secret codes for editing on Google Blogger images that prevent you from using programs

All the secret codes for editing on Google Blogger images that prevent you from using programs


In this lesson, I will introduce you to secrets hidden in Google or Blogger image links that you can use to improve your blog speed and speed. There are small codes when you add them to a blogger or Google image link that plays important roles, including resizing images and changing their type and background.

As we know, blogger images are usually hosted in special servers starting with

Place number 4 comes other numbers, and recently, Blogger has started hosting images in new servers such as, so the method that I will explain applies to all the walls that are hosted on Google servers.

How can these codes be used:

- You can either manually modify it in the images of the blog's logo, for example, or images of icons ...


Or use it in loadlazy or modify images before loading with JavaScript

Here are the most important of these shortcuts: We will work on this link and all the shortcuts we put in place of codehere


Changing the image size automatically we use s1600 in this case the length is reduced relative to the width other than 1600 with any number Example:


The previous process determines the length of the image based on its width, and in order to determine the width based on the length, we use the following code w520, for example

Example :

3- We can also specify the length and width accurately using the code w420-

h420 and this code scales the image, and some times it doesn't work or just works the first code

For example:

4- Determining the length and height with cutting the image we use

Example :


5- To make the image link downloadable, we add -d

Example :


Add a frame to the image we add b50 and 50 is the width of the frame in pixels, and to change the color of the frame we use c0x673ab7 with the change of 673ab7 with the color code


7- To make the images rounded we use -cc

Example :


8 - Convert images to webp We use -rw This command is very useful for compressing images

Example :

9- Change the background of the image if it is transparent we use -rj-


Example :

10- Cropping the image we use -c, the image is cut in relation to the length and width



11- Cutting pictures with faces we use -pp This method works in a smart way so that you cut the picture in proportion to the person's face in the picture, the method before it cuts the picture from anywhere you find suitable

Example :


12 - Compress images Use -l100 and change the value of 100 as a percentage of image quality

Example  :

Note: One parameter can be used, and more than one parameter can be used by separating them by -

Example :

I have collected important shortcuts for you and there are many of them, you can find more of them here


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