How to publish Google search results 2022 in simple steps

How to publish Google search results 2022 in simple steps


Google search results 2022 tops one of the important things when it comes to your blog on the internet. Or when you are creating articles that comply with the rules of SEO , and you want to top the search results on Google. This requires a lot of steps and a great effort that can last for months.

In order to be able to publish search results in Blogger or on the WordPress site. And you have to be careful of the keywords that you use on your blog or website. Sometimes those words are of low quality that does not help them to top the search.

Google search results are released

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Ways to get search results on Google

The world of SEO is one of the most complex things online as it is governed by a set of highly controlled algorithms. Which imposes a set of strict rules and factors. Therefore, optimizing your site on Google is one of the most difficult things. And you won't be able to access it in a short time. The question remains,

how can you publish Google search results 2022?

It can be more difficult to optimize your site if you are targeting one of the keywords for which there is a lot of competition from different people online. Below we will learn about the best ways to release Google search results 2022. Which will help you reach the first page of the Google platform

, so follow us.

1- Check the quality of the site or blog

In the beginning and before publishing any blog on the Internet, you must make sure that you have a strong website that has been specifically prepared for search engines in all respects. In the event that your site has some bad qualities,

it is very difficult to rank among the search engines in Google.

You should also make sure that you are not displaying bad content or a large number of errors. You should also ensure that what you post is safe. For example, if you manage to get the first page of your site,

Visitors when entering the site can leave immediately if the content is inappropriate.

You will have to make sure to analyze the SEO of your site, and the meta tagsAnd the availability of all the basic standards on which any site is based. Especially paying attention to the standards set by the Google platform.

And you have to take care of providing a unique design to get the admiration of visitors in a short time.

Also, you must make sure that the site is completely free of any software errors that could affect the release of Google search results 2022. In many cases, software errors can be one of the ways that help in the presence of security holes.

In addition, your site may suddenly crash.

After you are able to provide a good website that is as flawless as possible, choose fast hosting . And it is best to try it as one of the online users. And ensure the speed of downloading, and the ease of browsing through it, in addition to the amount of ads on the site.

2- Choosing the right keywords

It is very important that you choose an appropriate keyword for what you are writing about. or related to your website and your online activities. And it's best to make sure that you choose a word that is completely compatible with your project.

There is no point in losing a lot of time to get your site to top the first pages through Google as long as you are targeting in appropriate keywords. A keyword is the best way to get higher in Google search results. It must also be of close interest to the target persons.

It is best for you to avoid striving around using highly competitive keywords. In this case, it will be difficult for your site to rank among the primary search engines. Alternatively, you can search for keywords with moderate competition. In this case, you will have a greater chance of being ranked first on Google.

One of the best keywords that you can rely on to be the way to top Google search results is the words that have a strong relationship to what you are posting. However, it will also be rare to get those words and you will need to search a lot.

3- Analyze websites on Google

After you can get keywords that are closely related to your own site and the percentage of competition for them is low. You should analyze the sites and pages that compete with you on the Google platform. Especially those sites that rank first during searches.

You can enter any competitor's site and try as much as possible to benefit from them and their content. And try to identify the most important features in those sites in addition to the method used to distribute the keyword to the articles.

Also try to pay attention to the images and make sure that the images you add to your articles are compressed, and how many are in the article. And whether the content on competitors' sites is long or short. All this is in addition to a set of other factors and elements that you should pay attention to.

The analysis process is a great point in the lead of Google search results.

4- Create content for the keyword

This is the most important point in the way Google search results are ranked and the best ever. Whereas when you start your own blog, you have to make sure to provide unique and exclusive content. Also,

the content within the article must be closely related to your keyword in all respects.

The visitor does not search for the keyword only, but also enters it into the search engine. For Google to show the most famous sites that provide content related to that word. The main goal of the visitor is the content,

and the basic rule in SEO is (content is king).

Important tip: Don't make your entire interest centered around the keyword only for the purpose of profit, but rather provide content that is useful to the visitor as much as possible. If you manage to provide top-ranking content on Google and do not include what is useful to the visitor,

you will not get large numbers of visitors or views.

And you have to take care of the keyword distribution well. There are a set of elements that are of interest to the Google search engine to reach the top of the search results. Including the main title and sub-headings on the site, and the introduction to the initial article.

In addition to putting the keyword in the sub-headings, images, and search description.

5- Backlinks (internal and external linking)

Backlinks or text links pointing to your site are the most powerful factors in SEO for websites and blogs. Backlinks are divided into two types: internal linking between pages within the site itself.

The second type is external linkage and is considered the most important. It is for other sites to refer to your site, so that you give it more power and confidence. And raise your pages very significantly, especially if these links are from strong and old sites, and in the same field of specialization as your site.

It increases the confidence of different search engines, and makes your site top Google search results with ease. Even if your content is lower in content or quality than competitors.

To this extent we have come to the end of our topic. In which we talked about the most important factors that lead Google search results 2022 in simple steps.

We have mentioned the most important ways to get Google search results for Blogger blog or WordPress site. For any questions about this article, you can leave it in the comments below.

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