The widget settings in widget with id ...

The widget settings in widget with id ...


Recently, a problem began to appear in Blogger when the template for the blog was modified. The problem is that an error appears The widget settings in widget with id <b>PageList1</b> is not valid, and refused to save the template, in this post I will explain to you how to solve the problem.

First, what is the cause of the problem?

This is an error from blogger, and the reason is that some symbols are not acceptable in blogger which mostly happens when converting = to \x3d, for example.

To solve the problem, go to the tool in which the error appeared, in the example that we will try on, the problem occurs in the tool PageList102

Press ctrl f to search, go to the tool that has the bug, delete from to <b:widget-

settings> to </b:widget-settings> Save done, don't worry the list will not be deleted

Unfortunately, the problem will return when you modify again on the template, and to solve the problem fundamentally, avoid using icons in page links or list or shorten them with bitly

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