What are the alternatives to alexa.com after closing the platform?

What are the alternatives to alexa.com after closing the platform?


Recently, Alexa, one of the Amazon companies, announced its permanent closure, and this site is used to obtain approximate statistics of visitors and ranking global websites, and it was launched 25 years ago, i.e. 1996, and many users of this site are asking about the best alternatives to this service that enables them to track Site ranking and improvement.

In this article, we will talk about the best alternatives to Alexa.com, and they are many, and we will only mention the best and most popular ones.

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First site: similarweb

It is the second site after Alexa in fame, many Alexa users know it, and it is characterized by giving a more accurate evaluation of the site than the first site. Knowing the most important source of visits in addition to sites related to


How to use similarweb?

Whether you are the owner of the site first, you can get the statistics of any domain through the home page https://www.similarweb.com/ and write any link.

If you are a webmaster, we advise you to use the add-on for the site from here

Second site: neilpatel.com

It is one of the leading sites in the field, although it is a personal initiative of the SEO expert and e-marketing, but it provides semi-accurate statistics and keyword analysis to know its cpc, and backlink analysis

The disadvantage of this site is that it gives little data to push you to pay to purchase the plans it offers.

In the coming days we will talk about more platforms.

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