What is seo and its rules How to rank in google search results

What is seo and its rules How to rank in google search results


What is seo and its rules How to publish Google search results . Before knowing the meaning of seo, it is necessary to know that the word seo is originally an acronym for (Search engine optimization). It means preparing websites for search engines to make it easier for users and visitors to access those websites.

If you own a site and want to increase the number of visits through Google search engines and produce search results, you must learn the rules of SEO or improve the SEO of your site.

What is SEO, SEO rules, and how to rank Google search results

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SEO is a set of skills that enable you to raise the possibility of your site outperforming other sites when searching for a specific word, which means that more visitors are looking for you.

It is true that all sites require a large number of visits, but it is wrong for an SEO expert to only care about the number of visits.

For example,

Ahmed sells handmade leather shoes, and on his blog he publishes articles on how to make it as well, the types of leather used and how to use each type.

And if he chooses the keyword (leather), the competition for it may be weak in search engines, in this case it is difficult for him to be able to lead the search results.

But if the keyword (beautiful shoes) is used, for example, he may be able to reach the real target group.

The lesson learned here is that if you want to get desirable results, make sure that what you provide matches (service or product) what your visitors or customers are looking for. It's not about the number of visits,

it's about defining what you want and finding the right keywords that will bring you visitors who want what you offer.

What is internal SEO and external SEO?

The SEO of the site is divided into two important parts. It is not possible to improve the SEO only by paying attention to the two types together,

and each section will be explained separately.

1- Internal SEO It is called ON PAGE-SEO

It is optimizing your website to influence organic search results. It's everything you can do within a website - from optimizing the content to the technical aspects:

Analysis tools: It is one of the important steps in preparing the internal site steps through which you can monitor the performance of visitors. The keywords leading to the website.

Security Certificate: or SSL, which is the protocol responsible for raising the value of the site and adding to it confidence in use.

Website design: The external website design is compatible with all electronic devices such as mobiles, tablets and computers. In addition to the speed of the response of the site and this makes it better for the visitor.

Content internal linking: It is one of the effective and influencing factors in providing search engine results,

because internal linking of content gives a real value to the quality of the content.

Finally, Schema or Rich Snippet: It is a software addition that improves the results that appear on search engines by adding important details of the content. Such as reviews, product price, and everything related to the offered product.


External SEO It is called Off-Page SEO

External SEO It is all the links related to the site and found on other sites on the Internet, and these links raise the external SEO of your site. And increase your visibility and the number of visits from search engines.

The external SEO strategy consists of several steps:

* Social Signals pages: It is one of the most important factors in leading search engine results. And the increase in the popularity of the site due to its ease of circulation and the strength of the content and the great interaction that it gets through admiration, participation and comments. This helps you in bringing traffic to your site.

An example of this is social networking sites that influence search engines:

Facebook - Reddit - Pinterest - Youtube

Backlinks : or external links , is one of the most important factors for optimizing pages for search engines externally, Off-Page SEO.

It is the links that point to your site.

Or one of its pages within another site and directs visitors and search engine spiders to that page. It is the complement to the parts of the search engine optimization (SEO) process by which you can improve the results of the demand on your site in different search engines.

There are several ways to get a backlink

Social media efforts.

Collaboration with influencers.

Writing valuable content, so site owners will prefer to put a link for you on their site.

Communicate via email.

Guest Post.


How to write an SEO friendly article to get search results

In order to write an article that is compatible with the terms of SEO , you have to go through several steps,

whether your site provides content in Arabic or foreign languages. But also, before you start writing your article, you must be familiar with the topic that you will present. We will present the steps of writing the article according to the terms of SEO.

First: The title of the article is unique

You must take into account that the title of the article shows the content of the article, as well as you must choose more than one search word for the title of the article. You should also make your title draw the attention of the visitor as well, for example, in the case of writing about a service that you are marketing for.

Let's assume a website creation service. From my point of view, you should first search for the word website creation. Then scroll down the search results to find searches related to your topic.

Therefore, the title of your article must contain all the search words that you target in your article. Also,

the number of letters and spaces does not exceed 55 characters (letters and spaces).

Second: The content of the article is compatible with the rules of SEO

Content is where the reader looks for your honesty. You attracted his attention and promised him that you would give him answers to the questions that puzzled him.

And the problems he suffers from, so you must fulfill your promises and to achieve this by following the following steps.

That the article is comprehensive and integrated and that it covers all the points related to this topic, as well as answering all the questions that were raised before on other sites.

That the article contains images that indicate the content of the article. In order to attract the reader's attention, the title, description, and alt of those images must be added to their description. It is available for free in WordPress blogs as well as Blogger.

And that it be your personal preparation and not completely copied 100%,

And the content is new written in a different wording or with exclusive ideas.

The article title takes the H1 tag or the main title, and most templates do this automatically, either Blogger, WordPress, or others. And to collect your ideas and search for the most searched words for individuals by using keywords. You place it as a sub-

heading for each paragraph.

Third: The slug or the article link URL

It is the link to the article that you are writing in the browser and must indicate the content of that article. It is preferable that it be clear for the search engine robots to understand.

Fourth: Description of the article

The description of your article should include all the target words for the article description and all aspects that you have explained. And you addressed it inside your article, and this description will appear when you display the title of your article in Google.

Fifthly: social networking sites

After writing your articles,

publish them on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.

What are the sources of learning SEO?

Most visitors browse the first five suggestions in the results presented to them, and to benefit from this and increase the number of visitors you have,

You must learn the rules of SEO in order to top the first or second results.

There are many sources for learning SEO in English, and the most famous of these sources are:

1- Moz website

It is the most famous and most powerful site in the field of SEO.

Moz Academy gives you a valuable opportunity to benefit from free SEO courses and courses worth hundreds of dollars.

And you can benefit from it in learning the basics of SEO from beginning to professionalism, as the moz site provides a complete explanation from the beginning of SEO to professionalism.

To provide you with full benefit and learn everything related to SEO to make your work more professional and distinguished.

 2- Search engine watch site

One of the famous and very important sites in the field of SEO, and through this site, you can improve the SEO of your site or blog.

It downloads the latest updates related to online shopping and learns and improves SEO constantly. To make you have sufficient experience and full knowledge in this field to be able to advance and excel over your competitors. It also provides a full explanation of seo and the definition of the term seo and the proper methods of link building.

And how to write content that complies with the terms, SEO rules, to be able to publish search engine results.

3- Entrepreneur website

It is considered one of the most famous global sites that you can benefit greatly from in the field of e-marketing and learning SEO. It provides you with everything you need from videos,

articles and books on everything related to e-marketing. As well as learn the rules of SEO completely free of charge, to know the daily updates to benefit you in your work.

Here we have reached the end of our article about what is SEO and its rules | How to rank Google search results.

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